Boydstun Family History

     The Boydstun Family

     Written by: Doyle Brown
     07/29/2010 : 5:56:00 am

John Chester (Check) Boydstun was born 30 Jan 1882 in Ft Worth, TX, to John Thomas and Sarah Eliza Alvora Fleming Boydstun. Both the Boydstuns and the Flemings have a long history in North America beginning in the mid 1600’s. Many of the men in these families served during the Revolutionary War and in the Civil War. The Cousins who are the grand children of our common grandparents are the ninth great grandchildren of Thomas Boylston (Boydstun) who immigrated to James City, Virginia in 1656 (see note).

Check grew up in Texas and built a strong work ethic around farming and ranching. The brief history of Check and his family is summarized from a letter written by Johnie Faye to her daughter Annie describing the journey of the family until the late 1970’s. She began the letter with Check working on the Swenson ranch near Fort Worth until about 1911 when he quit and started farming near Paducah. There he met Betty Alice Hawk who was a seamstress in a dress factory and after a short courtship, they married in 1913. Golda Mae was born on the Buck Creek farm in 1914 and was about a year old when the family moved to Mitchell County close to Colorado City, TX. Johnie Faye was born at the Colorado City farm in 1916 and was about a year old when the family moved again, this time to Abilene, TX. They weren’t there very long when Doris Danley (Sonny) was born at Grandma Hawks in 1918. Looking for stronger career opportunities, Check struck out for Bisbee, AZ, to work in copper mining. After about nine months, he was tired of mining and went back to the family in Abilene where he drove a dray wagon for a lumber yard. After several years driving the dray wagon, he started a contracting business and did well until one of his mixers was stolen and he had an accident. While sidelined and out of work, John Chester Jr. was born in 1928. He then moved the family to Buffalo Gap, TX for about eight or nine months, then traded the farm for one near Clyde, TX. While there, Alice had become quite ill with cancer and the doctor advised Check to move her out of that climate – no specific place - just anywhere she wanted to go. They moved to Gladstone, NM, but her cancer got worse. They found a doctor in Boise City. OK, who would operate on the cancer. They stayed two months in Boise City while the operation and recovery was taking place, then returned to Gladstone. While they were in Gladstone, Golda Mae and Pet Brown eloped to marry in Clovis, NM. As soon as Alice was able to travel, the family, including Golda and Pet, moved back to Paducah, TX. There Johnie Faye met Floyd Franks, a native of Paducah, and they married in 1934.

The family was back in Paducah only about two years. Golda Mae and Pet had left earlier and moved to the Bosque Farms Project near Albuquerque, NM. Check decided to move Alice and the two boys to Albuquerque in hopes it would improve Alice’s health. Check worked as plumber as well as other odd jobs to earn money. Sonny met and married Lillian Corene Manning in 1938 in Albuquerque and soon established a career with Valley Gold Dairies. In search of better work, Check moved to Clovis, NM, when WWII started to work at the Army Air Base and stayed there until the war ended. When the war ended, they returned to Albuquerque where they lived the rest of their lives. While in Clovis, John Jr. was drafted into the service. When he was discharged, he also returned to Albuquerque. Within a few years, he also found his mate, Prudencia Tomasita Durand. They were married in 1949.

Alice spent the last twenty years of her life fighting the cancer that would not go away. The last 6 months of her life, she lived with Golda and her family on the farm near Hereford, TX. She died Nov 2, 1951. Check returned to Albuquerque where he lived until he had a heart attach on Mar 21, 1953.

Note: The ancestry information is from the work of a number of researchers; most notably Gladys Boydstun Domonske who published three editions of her work, the last of which was published in 1979. She has also attempted to clarify the various spellings of Boylston, Boylstone, Boydston and Boydstun as name transitions in this family. Currently both the spellings Boydston and Boydstun are used by families that are related. We have chosen to use the spelling with “un” even though some members of the family use the “on” ending.